Ksenija Mikšaj

senior expert associate
Croatian Chamber of Econ. County Chamber Varaždin

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 10:00 - 16:00
DescriptionCroatian Chamber of Economy County Chamber Varaždin represents the economic interests of all companies, its members, engaging in business. CCE CC Varaždin promotes the economy home and abroad, improves the economic cooperation with foreign countries through various activities aimed at increasing the exchange of goods and services, and also at making improvements in all other forms of economic cooperation with business actors abroad, strives to strengthen the competitiveness of its members, organizes the education and improvement of knowledge in the economy and maintains the relations between companies and their professional associations in the promotion of their interest through various activities.
Organization Type Other,
CityVaraždin, P. Preradovića 17/III Google map
Areas of Activities



      Municipal services

        Green technologies