Slobodana Slak

UniLestetica, Slobodana Slak, s.p.

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  • Wednesday 10:00 - 16:00
DescriptionUniLestetica is a manufacture from Slovenia established in 2016. Our leading products are handmade wooden combs LestetiComb in various shapes and made of various types of wood found in Slovenia. 
Wood is a gorgeous material which we, with all our enthusiasm and craft skills, convert into top quality wooden combs LestetiComb. We make them of walnut, plum, apple, pear tree, acacia, even elder tree and cornel can be beautifully crafted into a terrific combs. Wooden combs are gentle to your hair and scalp for they have a wide range of advantages.
Organization Type Company
City8259 Bizeljsko, Bošt 1, 8259 Bizeljsko Google map
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