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Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 10:00 - 16:00
DescriptionCompany Čepin's core business is representation of companies in Slovenia and beyond. We also provide selling services. Our goal is creating and encouraging mutual collaborations within the markets of Slovenia and beyond.
At the upcoming trade fair, we will present the products of the Dutch special paint manufacturer MagPaint , namely: write-erase and smart paints, magnet paint, magnet plaster and products related to with those products painted surfaces. Colors are suitable for use in kindergartens, schools, various institutions, demonstration rooms, conference halls, offices and, of course, at home. All colors are water-based and have a European certificate for use on children's toys EN71-3.
Organization Type Company
CityLjubljana, Kocjančičeva ulica 13 Google map
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      Smart paints, write-erase paints, magnet paints, magnet plaster,..

      We want to establish contacts with professional users of paints/ painters, facility maintainers, government departments which are responsible for the renovation of educational institutions, architects, companies planning to renovate business premises, manufacturers of prefabricated with all of users, who want to be a little bit different.

      Keywords: MagPaintsmart paintwrite-erase paintmagnet paintmagnet plasterpainterskindergatnerschool
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