Katja Ajdnik

CMO, CSO for Slovenia
Tiko Pro d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 10:00 - 16:00
DescriptionThe company TIKO PRO d.o.o. is a consultancy company offering comprehensive solutions in obtaining EU (co)funding. We offer the whole range of services – education about funding possibilities and project management, consulting and assistance at the stage of project proposal writing and monitoring of the project implementation and project management, as well as supporting project reporting and contribution to the sustainability of the projects’ outcomes. To achieve the optimum results for our customers, we join the project teams already in the phase of planning the project idea. At the moment, there are 11 experts in EU funding schemes, project proposal writing, project management, reporting and finances working for the company TIKO PRO d.o.o. and through their expertise we guarantee our customers high quality and flexible services regarding the acquisition of EU (co)funding. Our professional support is a guarantee that the project proposals will meet the deadline, that they will be managed without any unnecessary complications, be under professional supervision, and that the project will present the best possible results. With our successful work, we contribute to a stable annual growth of the company. We offer consultancy services for projects that are highly likely to bring the desired success. High-quality consultancy services are one of the reasons why numerous highly reputable national and international organisations trust our services. In 2014 we established a daughter company in Croatia and starting in 2016 we are already working on the first major success stories. Our mission is to offer our customers complete and comprehensive support realising their development plans and acquainting EU funding. Our vision is to become one of the most renown project management consulting companies in the Central European region and to contribute to the competitiveness of our customers in the European market. Our company’s value chain includes: - Our customers are our partners, - Honesty and trust, - Effective operations, - Corporate social responsibility. Our strategy entails following elements to be able to achieve sustainable competitive advantages and success: - Provision of constant high quality and expert training and services in the field of project proposal writing, project management and reporting for our customers – business partners, - Continuous training of staff regarding EU funding possibilities and project management, - A well-thought staffing policy, including new hires, as well as existing staff members and creating a prosperous working environment. Our company hay a __-year track record of successful provision of consulting services to our business partners. In this time the company got awarded with: - SME Excellent Slovenia Certificate (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia), - Young female entrepreneur 2013 (institute Young Entrepreneur), - Continuous ranking among the best Slovenian employers (Golden Thread initiative by the daily newspaper Dnevnik).
Organization Type Company
CityMaribor, Beloruska 7 Google map
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    Funding acquisition consultancy

    We offer companies consultancy services on the acquisition of different types of funding for their R&D and other projects

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Outsourcing co-operation
    2. Technical co-operation
    3. Investment/Financing