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DescriptionThe company TIKO PRO d.o.o. is a consultancy company offering comprehensive solutions in obtaining EU (co)funding. We offer the whole range of services – education about funding possibilities and project management, consulting and assistance at the stage of project proposal writing and monitoring of the project implementation and project management, as well as supporting project reporting and contribution to the sustainability of the projects’ outcomes. To achieve the optimum results for our customers, we join the project teams already in the phase of planning the project idea. "ABS Network" is an Interreg V-A Slovenia - Austria co-funded project and empowers a knowledge network between Slovenian and Austrian experts in the field of efficient use of solar energy. Members of the project team are experts, coming from the Technical University Graz and the companies Talum d.d. and Tiko Pro d.o.o.. In the next two years, they will intensively work on the project. The main objective of the project is the development of STAF-panels and the definition and expansion of a thematic knowledge network. The core objective of the project is the development of a solar activated façade panel (STAF-panel) to enable efficient use of solar energy. The core objective of the project is the development of a solar activated façade panel (STAF-panel) to enable efficient use of solar energy. The technological innovation lies in the combination of the roll-bonding technology of the industrial partner Talum d.d. and the façade-technology expertise of the TU Graz. For the knowledge expansion and the knowledge exchange the company Tiko Pro d.o.o. is responsible. The project contributes significantly to the improvement of cross border cooperation and the competitiveness of relevant stakeholders through knowledge transfer, empowerment od R&D, use of R&D infrastructure, as well as the transfer and use of innovative R&D solutions in relevant fields. The relevant industry, academia and students in the programme region will equally benefit from the project outputs.
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    Energy efficient building skins

    In the "ABS Network" project we are working on building a knowledge network in the field of energy efficient building skins. It is an interdisciplinary project and combines construction, architecture, mechanical engineering, energetics etc.

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